Bret W. Rawson, P.C. specializes in the legal representation of Police Officers, and select organizational representation. That representation primarily involves appearances before Administrative Tribunals, District Courts, the Utah Court of Appeals, as well as Utah’s Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) for FOP members, but also general counsel services for the Utah FOP and a select corporate account.

As a POST graduate, and a former Reserve Officer in a Utah city, Bret W. Rawson was introduced to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) by his peers and instructors. This introduction was the inception of his pursuit towards making the lives of law enforcement officers better, both on the job and after retirement or separation is forthcoming.

Also, his long-standing work in the affiliate marketing industry before he shifted to the practice of law, has enabled him to work at the highest level in organizational management of a consumer products client where he also serves as general counsel.

Bret Rawson, through his affiliation with Nelson Jones, PLLC, provides executive management and general counsel services to an up-and-coming consumable health products marketer known as “puratae.” This company, along with members of the Utah Fraternal Order of Police, make up the majority of Bret Rawson’s clientele.