Long before Bret Rawson became a cop, or even entered law school, he worked at nearly every level in contract manufacturing and both OTC and prescription pharmaceutical companies – which is meaningful as the venture known as “puratae” relies on a relationship with a premier contract manufacturer which provides the same services as his former employer (Alpine Health Industries), where Bret Rawson began his contract manufacturing experience after working in-house in a consumable health products marketer, more than 25 years ago. There began his background in affiliate marketing, as a corporate representative for a company called Magic Mill (a manufacturer of kitchen appliances), which opened a consumable health products subsidiary known as Nutriflex where Bret Rawson was Vice President, Business Development by the age of 21. Nutriflex offered a line of weight loss and nutrition-based products. At that time, Mr. Rawson reported directly to the president, Ken Plant, for whom he worked for years before graduating with a master’s degree in mass communication from BYU in 1998. Bret’s master’s thesis was in an area of corporate crisis communications known as “corporate apologia” or the defense strategies employed by consumable products companies that have confronted serious recalls. His work was published in this area (which dealt with the 1996 apple juice poisoning by the Odwalla Corporation, which sickened over 65 people and killed a young child) and was the basis for his eventual legal studies at our Nation’s oldest law school. Bret eventually went to work for Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals in sales, and then the DTC pharmaceutical advertiser known as ACS in Reston Virginia before moving near Williamsburg to attend law school.

Decades later, Bret’s contacts from those early years before his law practice when he worked in, especially, the consumable health products industry, appointed him to President and General Counsel of a very exciting new company. Bret’s hope with this venture is that it can be used to brighten the lives of law enforcement officers who are transitioning out of their difficult careers and open a path of health and wellness with a charitable component unrivaled in the industry.